• Reference designs are available for Daikin and Trane packaged rooftop units.
    Reference designs are available for Daikin and Trane packaged rooftop units.

enVerid Systems has released the HLR 100C, the newest addition to its family of HVAC Load Reduction (HLR) products.

The HLR 100C is engineered to fit inside standard roof curbs from leading HVAC manufacturers, making it easy for packaged rooftop units (RTUs) to be designed or replaced with smaller tonnage systems that cost less and consume less energy.

The HLR 100C is ideal for a wide range of building types that utilize packaged RTUs including schools, commercial offices, medical offices, outpatient clinics, public assembly spaces, retail stores, and restaurants.

enVerid Systems CEO, Christian Weeks, said its partners are eager for new ways to deliver on building owners' escalating needs to reduce the cost and increase the efficiency of their HVAC systems.

“The HLR 100C meets these demands for the packaged rooftop market in a highly differentiated way that will help our partners create more value for building owners and grow their market share,” Weeks said.

“We have reference designs available for Daikin and Trane packaged rooftop units, and we will offer more reference designs in the future."

The HLR 100C expands the range of new and existing buildings that can benefit from enVerid's award-winning Sorbent Ventilation Technology (SVT), which filters harmful contaminants from indoor air so that indoor air quality can be maintained with less outside air ventilation.

 Reducing outside air ventilation reduces equipment sizing requirements to save on first costs, lowers ventilation energy use to support energy efficiency and decarbonization goals, and makes buildings more resilient to polluted outside air.

The HLR 100C can be applied on any commercial building where packaged rooftop units are being designed or replaced.

Daikin Applied vice president of marketing and applications, Jim Macosko, said Daikin is a proponent of enVerid’s HLR products.

"Last year we integrated SVT in our larger packaged rooftop system and semi-custom air handlers, and we are seeing good market adoption from these products,” Macosko said.

“Now, with the HLR 100C, SVT can also be easily integrated into our smaller packaged rooftop systems. Besides being the only manufacturer to integrate SVT into our air handlers and rooftops, Daikin now has the most comprehensive offering to help the industry cost effectively achieve building decarbonization and electrification goals."

Daikin Comfort Technologies vice president of VRV & commercial products, Darren Sheehan, said installations are already underway using HLR 100C.

“We utilized an HLR 100M at our Daikin Comfort Design Centre in Lynbrook, New York with good results and now are in the process of adding HLR 100C modules, which easily integrate with our rooftop systems,” he said.

“The new HLR 100C allows design engineers another way to package with Daikin's VRV heat pumps and airside products to offer our customers cost-effective, energy efficient HVAC solutions."

In addition to Daikin, enVerid has worked with select Trane offices to create a simple HLR 100C integration option for Trane Precedent rooftop units.

Trane Florida has led this effort and recently secured their first win utilizing the HLR 100C in Florida.

The HLR 100C, like enVerid's other HLR products, uses SVT to remove all the ASHRAE-defined contaminants of concern from indoor air so that HVAC load and ventilation energy use can be reduced by safely recirculating indoor air.

Each HLR 100C can offset 3-15 tonnes of peak cooling load and reduce HVAC energy use by up to 40 per cent.

The payback period for the HLR 100C, including installation costs, ranges from immediate to under five years, depending on climate zone, energy rates, operating hours, and utility incentives.

The HLR 100C can also be used to earn up to six LEED points for optimized energy performance and up to three LEED points for innovation and environmental quality.

The HLR 100C meets the demands of the packaged rooftop market.
The HLR 100C meets the demands of the packaged rooftop market.