The new Michell S8000 –100 is a high-precision, low dew-point hygrometer designed to meet the demands of humidity calibration and standards laboratories.

Michell’s engineers have used the latest developments in chilled mirror technology to achieve reliable, repeatable measurements of low dew points down to -100 °C, with an accuracy of ±0.1 °C, without the need for additional cooling.

At the heart of the new instrument is a unique advanced optics system, which detects minute changes in moisture condensed on the mirror surface.

This ensures high sensitivity and fast response to changes in frost point, even at low levels of humidity, where measurements are the most challenging.

The S8000-100 hygrometer achieves ±0.25 °C stability @-100 °Cfp in less than six hours, the best speed available from any instrument in its class, and achieves a reproducibility of ±0.15 °Cfp reproducibility at ‑100 °Cfp.

 Additionally, the S8000 -100 is the smallest and lightest instrument offering frost-point measurements down to -100 °C. It weighs 22 kg and fits into the 19” rack format or can be used comfortably on a bench.

There is no need for operators to monitor the instrument continuously as it offers complete automation and remote monitoring via software.


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