• Hitachi P Series
    Hitachi P Series

The pandemic has elevated indoor air quality to the forefront of buying decisions which is why smart manufacturers are utilising technology to create environments that are clean and safe.

A prime example is the recent release of Hitachi’s P series wall mounted split system which cleans the air as well as the actual unit.

The auto-clean robot has a brush to sweep dust into the dust box to ensure the filter is kept clean at all times.

This is in addition to the Frost Wash technology which removes dust particles, mould, and bacteria.

Intelligent sensor technology identifies the number of people in a room and their location for maximum comfort.

This is supported by room layout search technology which directs the air to avoid cooling walls and furniture unnecessarily. Energy efficiency is no longer a product feature because it is simply expected.

HITACHI ‘P’ series wall mounted split units are available with a 2.5,3.5 & 5kW nominal cooling capacity.

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