• Holyoake's new facility.
    Holyoake's new facility.

Holyoake by Price has begun production at its new factory in Sydney.


The facility is dedicated to the manufacture of air distribution products for critical environments such as hospital operating rooms, laboratories, clean rooms, pharmacies and pharmaceutical manufacturing spaces.

At nearly 1,360 square metres, this state-of-the-art factory employs seven team members and includes space for manufacturing and warehousing as well as a product demonstration room.

The facility started supplying orders to customers in Australia last month.

The critical environments range includes laminar flow diffusers, fan filter units and hospital-grade welded ceiling systems, among other offerings, which are designed to prevent contaminants from reaching the occupied zone of critical spaces.

Specifically designed for use in areas demanding clean air control, these products help ensure a clean working environment within their applications while meeting strict performance and construction requirements.

Matt Sleap, general manager of Holyoake’s Australia division, said the equipment is being supplied to healthcare spaces and is critical to the quality of their operation.

“We’re seeing demand for this range of products continuing to grow, and we’re proud to supply these Australian-made products,” Sleap said.

“The new factory will allow us to improve our service offering and significantly reduce lead leads for the Australian market.”

Founded in 1953, Holyoake Air Management Solutions By Price provides air distribution products throughout Australia and New Zealand.