• Inside the Green Planet, Dubai
    Inside the Green Planet, Dubai

Humidity control and evaporative cooling specialist, Condair, has supplied and installed a high pressure humidification system to help protect the flora and fauna inside The Green Planet biodome in Dubai.

Victoria Lynn, general manager attraction at The Green Planet - Dubai Holding Entertainment, said the indoor rainforest contains over 2,000 species, including insects, plants, fish and mammals.

A Condair ML humidification system is spraying up to 750 litres per hour to recreate an indoor tropical habitat at the centre.

“We need to maintain a humidity range of 70-90% throughout the year. We keep the temperature at between 24-26°C inside the rainforest biome year-round,” Lynn said.

“Keeping the biome within this humidity and temperature range is important, as we have numerous species of rainforest plants and animals that depend on a proper environment to survive and live a comfortable life.

“Some general consequences of not maintaining the required humidity and temperature include plants drying out, or not having enough water. Our birds require high humidity to keep their feathers and skin clean and healthy. For our reptiles, high humidity helps them to shed their skin properly and prevent dehydration.”

The ML Flex high pressure humidifier used at the centre is proven technology and consists of a water treatment and pump station feeding water to a series of nozzles strategically located in the area requiring humidity control.

As the water is pressurized to around 70 bar, when it is released from the nozzle, it rapidly atomizes without any drips. Its RO water treatment filter removes not only minerals from the supply water but also bacteria and viruses.

This combines with the humidifier’s on-board UV sterilisation system to ensure humidification is dust free and hygienic.

High pressure humidifiers, such as the ML Flex, offer high capacity humidification as well as evaporative cooling to an environment.

For every 1kg of moisture delivered, 0.68kW of evaporative cooling is also provided. As each pump station can provide up to 750kg/h of water, the system is ideal for large manufacturing and production areas, as well as greenhouses and agricultural applications.


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