Systemair is now offering a Eurovent Certified Performance option for “HygienicAir Handling Units” (HAHU) as a brand-new feature in all Geniox air handling units (AHUs) in addition to its VDI6022-1 certification.

Systemair is the first major manufacturer worldwide to provide this option.

Eurovent HAHU Certification is an add-on to the common, well-known Eurovent Certified Performance scheme, which is considered to be the most established AHU certification globally.

The HAHU certification is easy to understand as it combines the requirements of multiple hygienic standards into one with an easy one to three star rating depending on the hygienic demands.

One and two stars are now available for Systemair’s entire Geniox AHU range.

Eurovent HAHU Certification includes requirements defined in VDI 6022-1, for general ventilation and lower healthcare demand, the DIN 1946-4 codes and standards, and HTM 03-01, commonly used in the United Kingdom.

Having one standard that meets these requirements helps reduce the confusion in the market and brings an end to the current patchwork of differing national norms, according to product area director AHU at Systemair, Evgeny Gorelkov.

The Eurovent approach to hygienic units is generally appreciated, as it creates a common frame of reference for consultants, planners and installers.,” he said.

“This removes the burden of having to cope with a multitude of different guidelines worldwide. This challenging certification sets a new industry standard.

“Our commitment to meet its stringent requirements aligns with our mission to ensure Geniox products are #HygienicByDesign. We believe that if we want to achieve an improved hygienic standard in our workplaces, schools, hotels, universities and the like, then we need to raise the bar for the standard air handling unit. With our Geniox range, higher indoor air quality is not only reserved for the healthcare sector.”

Independent audits are also performed annually by Eurovent Certita Certification (ECC) as an accredited third-party.

This means that ECC auditors inspect each Geniox factory, which ensures that the factory and products are meeting the desired quality level in line with the certification program requirements. ECC also audits the selection software of the certified manufacturers annually, in this case SystemairCAD, which ensures that units that are configured really meet the requirements defined in the HAHU certification.

The Eurovent HAHU certification’s innovative, one to three star rating is also an important feature as it accommodates the different hygienic requirements across various sectors in a straight-forward manner, meaning the higher the star rating, the more hygienic requirements the AHU fulfills..



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