• Flair IAQ monitor has RESET certification.
    Flair IAQ monitor has RESET certification.

IAQ solutions provider, ThinkLite Air, has announced that its flagship product, the Flair Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Monitor, has been awarded the prestigious RESET Certification.

A globally recognised standard, RESET Certification, evaluates and verifies the accuracy and reliability of indoor air quality monitoring systems.

It provides confidence to users that the certified product meets the highest standards in data accuracy, device performance, and adherence to internationally recognized IAQ guidelines.

ThinkLite Air's Flair IAQ Monitor has fulfilled all the stringent requirements by RESET, positioning it as a trusted solution for monitoring and managing IAQ.

With RESET Certification, Flair sets a new benchmark for IAQ monitoring devices.

Equipped with advanced sensors and proprietary technology, the Flair provides real-time monitoring of crucial IAQ parameters, including volatile organic compounds (VOCs), Ozone (O3), carbon dioxide (CO2), temperature, humidity, mould growth index, air pressure, and most importantly, particle counts and concentration from as low as 0.1 microns up to 10.0 microns.

Measuring as low as 0.1 microns is necessary to truly evaluate the safety of a space since that is the size range where most harmful particles live, including biological pathogens, viruses, essential allergens, tiny mould spores, and fatal bacteria.

Furthermore, the Flair can be easily personalized using on-site customisable sensor cartridges to expand its sensing capabilities to other airborne chemicals and toxic gases.

ThinkLite Air CEO, Dinesh Wadhwani, said everyone deserves clean and safe air, and this certification demonstrates their dedication to delivering on that promise.