• IAQ Guard 2
    IAQ Guard 2

Pure Air Control Services has released IAQ Guard 2.0.

This managed indoor air quality monitoring platform utilizes hardware monitors placed throughout a building that take real time readings and send them to a cloud-based dashboard for reporting.

The first version of IAQ Guard was released in 2019 and version two takes the product to the next level.

Pure Air Control Services chief scientific officer, Dr Rajiv Sahay, said this next generation version of the platform is easier to set up, utilize and offers more connection and control options for other WIFI enabled air quality devices and is designed to be plug and play or hard wired.

The COVID 19 pandemic brought indoor air quality into sharper focus. IAQ monitoring is an effective tool for risk management. It collects environmental data and visually displays results.

That way facility managers can easily spot downward trends in air quality conditions and take corrective action before problems occur.

It is useful for staying compliant with standards such as LEED, UL and WELL to name a few. Air quality monitors that contain a cluster of sensors are strategically placed within a building. They can be plugged into a standard outlet or hardwired into the wall.

These monitors are then configured by a phone-based app to assign them their account, building and location in the IAQ Guard 2.0 dashboard. The monitors route through a WIFI gateway connected to the local network or a dedicated cellular router.

Sensor air quality thresholds for Temperature, Relative Humidity (RH), Dew Point (DP), Carbon Dioxide (CO2), Particle Matter (PM) 10, 2.5, 1, Total Volatile Organic Compounds (TVOC) and Formaldehyde (HCHO) are set to default or customized based on building use.

Alerts are then configured based on these settings. Once data starts coming in reports can be generated and customized any way they are needed.

Finally, other WIFI enabled devices, such as specialized air purifiers, can be added and configured to turn on and off based on the system settings.

The biggest technological breakthrough for IAQ Guard 2.0 is its ability to create artificial intelligence (AI) swarms of other WIFI enabled products like air purifiers.

The system through the autopilot control centre is programmed so IAQ Guard 2.0 can turn the connected devices on and off to remediate potential problems that the air quality monitors are reporting.

For example, if PM 2.5 exceeds the acceptable threshold, IAQ Guard 2.0 will turn on the air purifier in the same location to filter the excessive particulates.

Another new feature includes the ability to import thirdparty standards, like WELL, and compare the building's IAQ data to them. Finally, IAQ Guard 2.0 has multiple app and browser-based options to send a visually appealing aggregate dashboard of building conditions to lobby TV or Kiosk.

IAQ Guard 2.0 is currently available and ready for deployment.

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