World events are generating a lot of change and calls are being made for increased ventilation to maintain clean air.

Positive air flow is also necessary to push undesirable gases out including CO and CO2 from different types of heating systems. For instance, there is a move to eliminate or reduce the effect that indoor negative air pressure has on open flue heaters.

All this at a time when we also have a call for increased energy efficiency by using more return air. Over the years AB Controls has seen the effects of reducing fresh air below requirements, often this is reported as sick building syndrome or, workers feel lethargic and apathetic all day at work.

As we move forward we need to find answers to these two seemingly opposites, as we seek to increase both building health and personal health and energy efficiency.

How can we increase air flow for better building/personal health and reduce air flow for higher energy efficiency?

Firstly,  we can use variable volume heat exchangers possibly by using EC motors (jet fans) and/or better filtration. Whatever way we choose to go we will need wider range sensors to detect all forms of health hazards and more control to respond to the sensors.

As well as detecting indoor temperature, relative humidity, carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide levels we also need to consider Volatile organic compounds “VOC” particularly in new buildings where new materials are off-gassing. Particulate matter “PM2.5” a standard currently being considered ( RESET  ) is seeking to bring this all together.

Senva, a major USA Sensor manufacture is already moving to increase its range of Analogue output and BACnet connectivity Sensors.

A New school room sensor with CO & CO2 outputs is already being used in schools across the states to go with their range of temperature and Humidity sensors.

Just recently the company announced that their new VOC sensor, which is available with PM 2.5 and combination sensors, will be available in 2021.

To go with them AB Controls has released Australian made DIN modules for all of your fan control needs from Car Park exhaust and jet fans to stair way fans and all other office and apartment fans.

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