Carrier Global Corporation has released Abound, a new cloud-native platform, as part of its growing investment in digital solutions designed to give people confidence in the health and safety of their indoor environments.

Abound is an open technology platform that aggregates data from different systems and sensors and provides building owners, operators, and occupants transparency into relevant and contextual insights about air quality, thermal comfort, and other performance data. 

Carrier chair and CEO, Dave Gitlin, said Abound will transform a building owner’s ability to optimize the indoor environment, boosting the confidence of each visitor and occupant.

He said access to real-time actionable data for indoor air quality and other building systems and sensors embodies the future of building health and performance for customers around the globe.

“With this launch, we are moving closer to establishing industry standards that will provide owners, operators and occupants greater confidence in their indoor spaces,” Gitlin said.

Abound is a cloud-native offering that uses advanced technology to make building environments more intelligent, efficient and responsive.

It connects directly to existing building systems and sensors with no need for upgrades, retrofitting or replacements. And, unlike other building management platforms, Abound is designed to easily work with all systems regardless of manufacturer, to unlock and unite siloed data to provide more powerful, actionable insights.

The platform can be rapidly installed and scaled and showcases data on a single pane of glass and via remote readings.  

A hallmark feature of the platform is the ability for building operators to benchmark building performance related to air quality, ventilation and humidity against the thresholds identified by certain air features within the WELL Building Standard (WELL) from the International WELL Building Institute, the global authority on healthy buildings.

Building owners will have the ability to display real-time information and messaging about a building’s health through the Abound application programming interface (API), which can be used to create digital wallboards and support mobile experiences. 

IWBI president and chair, Rachel Hodgdon, said the thresholds in the Abound platform are based on the WELL Building Standard’s air quality features, helping Carrier to make something as invisible as air quality more visible and actionable.

“This platform will help streamline pathways for customers to measure, communicate and report their progress toward WELL Certification, advancing IWBI’s overall mission to advance people first places around the world,” she said. 

While a tool for building owners, Abound was designed with building occupants and the general public in mind. It will make the invisible – air quality – visible through a smart, simple interface and using its API and responsive display generators, building owners can communicate building health strategies, health performance metrics, or the live indoor air quality summary through in-building digital displays, mobile applications, or existing digital experiences.  

Carrier senior vice president and chief digital officer, Bobby George, said Abound’s platform architecture was designed around open standards and modern cloud native technologies and can quickly adapt to a wide range of integration and connectivity and scaling needs.

George said the platform is comprehensive and delivers value to our customers through the complete integration of software, hardware and digital analytics.

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