• IAQ solutions that can be tailored to customer requirements
    IAQ solutions that can be tailored to customer requirements

RectorSeal and Dust Free jointly announced the release of the IAQ3 strategy offering an extensive line of products designed to improve the air quality of indoor residential and commercial environments.

The IAQ3 platform of products has been carefully designed to meet a wide spectrum of indoor air quality demands for residential and commercial applications.

By integrating three levels of IAQ products, the IAQ3 strategy help to increase the overall air quality of living and working indoor spaces.

The result is a dynamic air quality management strategy that provides a complete and customized IAQ solution tailored to specific customer requirements.

The IAQ3 strategy is comprised of the three essential components to help improve indoor air quality: Filtration, Purification, and Sterilization.

All Dust Free products and systems comply with the appropriate ASHRAE, EPA, and other required industry standards.

Dust Free offers a wide array of active filtration products that help remove symptoms caused by dust, pollen, mould, dander, and other air particulates as they pass through a ducted, forced-air HVAC system.

Indoor air purification is achieved using Dust Free’s proprietary, 100 per cent ozone-free, UV light and ionization technologies to reduce indoor air pollutants such as odours, VOCs (volatile organic compounds), formaldehyde, and inactivate bacteria.

High output germicidal UV-C (ultraviolet) lights from Dust Free work 24/7 helping to reduce biological contaminants found on HVAC system components and within the air stream of a forced-air system. The sterilization process is active even when air is not circulating in the HVAC system. Because of the spectral sensitivity of DNA, only UV-C light demonstrates significant germicidal properties.

Director of product marketing at RectorSeal, Stephanie Welda, said the IAQ3 strategy allows RectorSeal customers access to some of the most advanced indoor air quality components and systems.

“Indoor air quality is a growing concern for both residential and commercial customers. Our customers will appreciate the flexibility that the IAQ3 strategy offers along with the noticeable benefits of healthier indoor air,” Welda said.

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