An air filtration system trusted by major global hospitality chains is being introduced to Australasia to help overcome clean air challenges in accommodation and shared facilities, including airborne viruses, bacteria, allergens and other health risks to workers, guests and travellers, including those in quarantine.

The EnviroKlenz Air System Plus combines ultraviolet UVC germicidal irradiation with safe and effective earth mineral technology originally developed for the US military and still used today to destroy chemical warfare agents and toxic industrial chemicals.

Now this medical-grade technology is being used to protect health, fulfil air quality preferences among consumers and to deliver OHS advantages for workers a huge variety of industries,according to Scott Whittaker, the general manager of Clean Stream Technologies.

“Such technology will be very important as Australia recovers from the coronavirus pandemic and begins to open up its borders to local and international travellers who will be very aware of the dangers of airborne health risks and very grateful to hospitality providers who demonstrate their concerns with technology such as this,” he said.

The latest German-made and US patented technology, with UV bulbs and internal cleaning system, provides a proven safe and effective technology to capture and neutralise airborne toxins and noxious gases, particulates, allergens, bacteria, viruses and other allergy triggers in venues involving shared accommodation and HVAC systems.

These include hotels, restaurants, bars, breakfast rooms, gyms, meeting rooms, lobbies, bathrooms, areas of transport terminals, catering facilities, cruise ships and party vessels, and food and beverage manufacturing and preparation facilities.

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