• Kyle Troskot, Sales Director, Mojave.
    Kyle Troskot, Sales Director, Mojave.

Mojave Energy Systems has added nine new sales partnerships across 17 states in the United States, more than doubling the size of its partner program.

Mojave CEO, Phile Farese, said the company’s air conditioners quickly generated interest from manufacturing businesses, healthcare facilities and educational institutions.

Mojave's ArctiDry saves customers money while reducing the negative environmental impact of air conditioning by halving electricity use and deploying the low global-warming potential (GWP) refrigerant 454b to significantly lower carbon dioxide emissions.

ArctiDry can drop into existing HVAC infrastructure, requires minimal maintenance, and helps customers achieve Net Zero compliance.

Mojave sales director, Kyle Troskot, said adding these established, highly respected, and experienced firms to their sales program greatly expands the company’s reach across key markets.

"We look forward to working with all of our partners to help customers discover how easy it is to install and maintain the first-ever HVAC unit to integrate liquid desiccant without the need for complex refrigeration systems,” Troskot said.