Chinese owned smart phone company Xiaomi has launched the MIJIA Fresh Air Conditioner which incorporates air conditioning, fresh air fan and air purification functions.

There is a miniature health screen on the right side of the air conditioner which among other things displays the concentration of carbon dioxide in the room in real-time. The screen also shows the working temperature.

The company claims that the MIJIA Air Conditioner Premium Edition has more functions than a traditional AC unit. As an air conditioner, it boasts 1.5-hp first-class energy efficiency.

When it is used as a fresh air fan, the MIJIA Air Conditioner Premium Edition uses a dual-hybrid turbine system with an air volume of up to 60m3/h.

Finally, as an air purifier, it achieves 99.9% sterilization of the air in the entire house using UV-C deep ultraviolet sterilization.

MIJIA went on sale for the first time on 2 April.

Xiaomi has 18,170 employees worldwide and has been listed on the Hong Kong stock exchange since 2018.

In 2014 Xiaomi announced its expansion outside China and set up headquarters in Singapore and an online mobile phone selling business in Australia.

After trading for a few months its Australian web site shut down.

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