A new generation of IAQ instruments are available on the Australian market - the testo 400 series, developed by leaders in measurement technology from the heart of Germany’s Black Forest.

Testo’s 400 solution is an all-encompassing answer to air flow and IAQ questions, combining smart technology, intuitive user features and diverse applicability in one sophisticated instrument.

Adding to one of the most comprehensive range of IAQ solutions in the industry, Testo’s 400 series instruments are smarter, faster and better at logging and monitoring all volume flow and quality data.

The new testo 400 allows probes to be quickly and easily exchanged during the measurement process. This eliminates the need for regular instrument restarting and drastically cuts waiting times during booting and shutting down.

Probes can be calibrated independent of the measuring instrument. Further, Testo’s 400 can be used with other probes while the probes heads are being serviced and re-calibrated.

The testo 400 features clearly structured and unambiguously guided measurement menus. This guides users safely & easily throughout the entire application. A traffic-light system evaluates measurement results objectively for error-free volume flow and IAQ comfort data.

Thanks to the broad selection of probes, all IAQ, ventilation and comfort parameters can be precisely and reliably measured.

The IAQ portfolio covers digital Bluetooth probes, digital cable probes, NTC and TC temperature probes (Type K), and five new digital PT100 temperature probes within the range.

Users can also connect Testo’s Smart Probes for hose-free data measurement, making the technician’s job easier by generating more accurate results with lower refrigerant loss.

All reports and datasets can be processed and shared onsite with the customer with documents from a choice of table-based or graphic results can be shared via email. All results can also be stored in the instrument.

Testo’s 400 series of universal measuring instruments, as well as the comfort volume flow kits, are available from Testo Australia:


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