The latest AirTouch Smart Controllers set a new standard for total comfort control for many new or existing reverse cycle ducted systems for residential dwellings or small commercial space.

Polyaire, creator of the leading comfort control system AirTouch, continues to develop its range of Smart comfort controllers to meet the growing demand in the Australian market for the latest in Smart Home and Smart Building control technology.

Able to control one or multiple ducted units, and up to 16 zones, the new AirTouch 2 Plus and AirTouch 4 are both ideal for small to large houses, apartments and some commercial spaces. Indeed, AirTouch has been chosen by architects for its smart user interface design that adds value to a luxury development.

For Polyaire it was never just about making a touch screen with WiFi capability to link to a phone app and calling it smart, according to the company’s marketing manager, Adam Connell.

‘We decided to create a controller that homeowners wanted because it looks great, and had an interface design that made sense straight away,” he said.

Polyaire has recently released the new AirTouch 2 Plus, a dependable controller that is easy to install and commission with most ducted air conditioning units.

Polyaire also continues to introduce continuous improvements to its current AirtTouch 4 system which is easy to commission with minimal cabling and onscreen balancing for installers.

AirTouch 4 also offers Individual Temperature Control technology that allows individual living spaces to have personalised comfort using smart algorithms that regulate the airflow into them.

“That’s what AirTouch is, designed to tick all the boxes as a smart home system to make sense to the homeowner straight away, while also making life easy for air conditioning installers,” Connell said.

“For an installer, it really doesn’t take any extra time to install because the AirTouch panel can be the main unit and zone controller, and is just one panel on the wall with the main module connected to the indoor unit.

“A lot of systems out there want to lead you down a path of gadgets that lock users into closed systems. “We decided to challenge that with an open system which continuously improves, and that slots into how users want to use their chosen home WiFi lighting or security products.”

When working out how to give AirTouch users voice control of the home ducted air conditioning, Polyaire looked at what was being used already rather than reinvent the wheel.

For nearly two years now, anyone with a Google Home or Amazon Alexa and AirTouch can say “Ok Google, cool down the living room” or “Alexa, warm up the dining room,” and AirTouch, connected to these services will follow their instructions.

Polyaire has still remained focused on the core features of the product.

“People love our new easy timer and home temp alerts to their phone when they are away, especially pet lovers and the usual control of unit and zones via their phone from anywhere,” Connell said.

“Overall installers and consumers alike are going to find that AirTouch is a world class smart home system that only gets better with age.”


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