Price Industries’ Ultrasuite system combines hospital grade LED lighting with precision equalized laminar airflow diffusers to eliminate the traditional “light ring” and open valuable ceiling space for surgical equipment, all while optimizing contaminant removal from the surgical zone.

Incorporating LED lighting directly within each laminar flow diffuser allows lighting to be located directly above the surgical table, improving visibility and reducing shadows within the surgical zone.

Flexible dimming control and optional green lighting facilitate improved visibility of flat panel displays for non-invasive surgeries by enhancing images and eliminating the glare that traditional overhead white lights cast on monitors. 

The Ultrasuite ships in large, factory-assembled sections and leverages quick-connect wiring and a 12 in. low profile common plenum to significantly reduce the number of inlets and ductwork – and therefore installation time – required.

LED drivers are housed in a remotely mounted control enclosure, providing easy access for maintenance and replacement.

The high quality and long-lasting LED lights are IP67 rated to seal out dust and liquid and are rated at 80% of original brightness for 60,000 hours.

The Ultrasuite is built to meet all ASHRAE 170 and NFPA 90A requirements and addresses several UL listing categories. 

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