Innovative Sydney manufacturer, Regulator Automation has released a new oxygen sensor that can economically manage the underground carpark environment when it has an unhealthy build up of carbon monoxide from vehicle exhaust fumes.

Traditionally its one sensor to one controller. But with Regulator Automation’s new CO3800 Smart Sensor, up to 10 sensors can be connected to the TC5044 controller to accurately control exhaust extraction fans when the sensor identifies carbon monoxide in the air.

The slim and attractive wall mounted sensor casing, blends into the design environment.
It has a unique feature, a tiny fan that draws air in from the bottom of the housing through a dust filter over the sensor and discharges through the top.
This ensures a positive response to carbon monoxide emissions while the sensor is well protected inside the polycarbonate housing.

There is a 4-position DIP switch on each sensor. If the DIP switches are set for each sensor then the CO level for each area can be read at the controller. The controller will recognise how many sensors are connected and will select the highest CO level to control the carpark ventilation fan(s).

If the DIP switches are not set, then the controller will allocate an address to each sensor, however the CO levels for each area will not be available, only the highest CO level detected.

In addition Regulator Automation has created an exchange program for CO sensors. Originally these sensors had a 3-year life and over past year’s, product improvements have extended this life up to 10 years. During routine servicing the sensors are recalibrated on site however this service may not bring the sensor back to the original specifications and can result in inaccurate readings.

Regulator Automation’s exchange sensor program sees the sensor returned to a specially calibrated testing environment where the calibrations are recorded for a history of the site’s environment. This recalibration can extend the life of the CO sensor.

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