• The 241 Toolkit will transform any building.
    The 241 Toolkit will transform any building.

CerroZone, a leading innovator of standards-based Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) technology, and Poppy, creator of the first real-time, low-cost ventilation performance verification system, have announced a partnership.

The partnership will bridge the gap between building ventilation measurement and indoor air quality management with the release of the 241 Toolkit.

The new offering enables any building to transform its indoor air quality to meet new health-based standards within days, while also saving energy.

This collaboration, which developed the 241 Toolkit, marks a pivotal moment in the quest to revolutionize indoor air quality management by helping buildings to achieve healthier and safer environments by delivering clean air in the most energy-efficient manner available.

The 241 Toolkit helps any building to transform their indoor air quality to meet new health-based standards or achieve their IAQ goals within days, while also saving energy.

By streamlining and automating the 3-step process: 1) measure baseline clean airflow, 2) add required clean airflow where needed, and 3) verify results; the 241 Toolkit delivers confidence that the ASHRAE 241 clean-air delivery targets have been met, quickly and cost-effectively.

President of CerroZone, Michael Duggan, said the partnership has created a groundbreaking measurement and mitigation solution that redefines how buildings can easily and cost-effectively improve indoor air quality.

“This initial offering brings together the unique technological advancements of both Poppy's real-time tracer measurements and CerroZone’s patented NNOD (Net Negative Ozone Device) air treatment technology with a focus on wellness, safety, energy savings and building performance validation,” he said.

ASHRAE, the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air Conditioning Engineers, recently published Standard 241-2023, the new indoor air quality standard for controlling infectious aerosols in all buildings.

Co-CEO and Co-founder of Poppy, Sam Molyneux, said the company’s mission is to empower a healthier world by making the invisible visible.

“Poppy is providing the only fully digital method to test for ASHRAE 241 and our collaboration is bringing first-of-its-kind ASHRAE 241 compliance to market. By partnering with CerroZone, we can jointly offer the only monitoring and mitigation solution to meet the new standard,” he said.

“Despite advancements in awareness and standards, building owners and operators face the challenge of efficiently and cost-effectively implementing IAQ programs.

“Balancing health, energy and sustainability goals adds complexity to the mix. Our goal is to remove this complexity with the release of the 241 Toolkit.”