• Poppy's Air Tracer
    Poppy's Air Tracer

Poppy has released its portable instant air tracer and sensor system test kit along with a hands-on training and accreditation program for building engineers and HVAC service providers.

The Poppy BreatheScore Kit enables professional providers to measure air changes and ventilation performance, to help their customers discover overventilation areas to save on HVAC energy costs, and to quickly and cost-effectively comply with ASHRAE Standard 241-2023, the newly published standard to reduce the spread of airborne diseases in buildings.

Poppy is the only company to provide a fully digital, real-time solution and automated process for Standard 241 compliance, allowing service providers to test a 10-story building and deliver results within a day.

With dashboards to provide historic indoor air quality data, industry baselines and comparisons of results over time, users will be able to see how air health is increasing and ventilation energy costs are being minimized.

Poppy’s BreatheScore Kit is the industry’s most accurate, cost effective, and rapid way for buildings to measure and verify the delivery of clean air per occupant and is available in Australia.

It also enables users to quantify before and after upgrades and renovations, and to troubleshoot areas with stale air or odour problems.

By providing a visual representation of how air moves through a room, mimicking human breath, Poppy’s particle and sensor system measures the effectiveness of all natural and mechanical ventilation, purifiers, and filters at professional-grade accuracy covering up to 5,000 square-feet of building space.

The actionable data available in BreatheScore’s accompanying app reveals safe target occupancy levels, ventilation blindspots, and areas for HVAC energy optimization.

The BreatheScore Kit includes all equipment, materials and software required for conducting real-time tests, including patented Poppy Sensors, Poppy Nebulizers, Poppy Tracer Solution, battery packs, tripods and carrying case. Optional LiDAR equipment is also available for capturing a building’s 3D Digital Twin.

Poppy’s BreatheScore training and accreditation program allows building professionals to develop skills in HVAC performance measurement in as little as four to six hours.

Nearly 100 HVAC industry leaders are already enrolled in the BreatheScore training program, and over 500 buildings all over the world currently use Poppy’s system to measure HVAC performance.