• Air is continuously cycled through a HEPA filter.
    Air is continuously cycled through a HEPA filter.

With uncertain times ahead, Holyoake brings a sense of surety with the introduction of an Australian manufactured, eco-friendly product that provides clean, energy-efficient air.

The Room Air Purifier (RAP) has the ability to provide clean, fresh air to immediately improve indoor air quality, particularly in high-density areas such as office spaces, classrooms, aged care homes, hospitals, fitness centres, retail spaces, and restaurants.

The RAP is designed to continuously cycle air through a HEPA filter and MERV 8 pre-filter to eliminate >99.97 per cent of dust particles, germs, and contaminants. 

The UV light, an optional feature, provides 360 degrees of high UV-C-intensity light and is integrated into the interior of the RAP unit. Widely used in hospitals and institutional applications, UV-C energy (254 nm) also lowers the cost of maintaining and operating HVAC equipment.

The bipolar ioniser, another optional feature, proactively purifies indoor air by producing positive and negative oxygen ions to neutralise harmful pollutants and odours.

Testing has proved the effectiveness of Plasma Air ionisation technology in the reduction of MS2 bacteriophage, a surrogate for particulates, in indoor environments.

Other features include lockable casters, adjustable fan speed for bespoke applications and a removable and replaceable HEPA filter.

It is commercially constructed with heavy-duty steel casing and powder-coat finish, making this unit extremely durable.

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