• Midea's packaged window heat pump.
    Midea's packaged window heat pump.

Midea’s Packaged Window Heat Pump (PWHP) was chosen as a winner of the 2024 AHR Expo Innovation Awards.

Recognized in the Sustainable Solutions category, Midea's PWHP was developed to support multi-family buildings' transition towards electrification and provides a cost-effective solution for buildings looking to quickly meet future sustainability requirements.

Midea America president, Kurt Jovais, said this award marks a key milestone, emphasizing the crucial role of innovative, cost-effective solutions in advancing global sustainability.

Designed for DIY installation and high-performing, energy-efficient heating and cooling, the PWHP offers 9,000 BTU/hr of heating and cooling, with the category's highest CEER of 16.0, a 2.35 COP @ 17°F, up to SEER2 21.8 and HSPF2 11.6.

Heat pump functionality operates down to -13°F all while being done without auxiliary heat.

While high-efficiency heat pumps typically require professional installation including new electrical circuits, the Midea PWHP operates on a 120V/15A circuit mounting to hung-type windows, allowing for DIY installation.

A saddle design with a telescoping centre section that adjusts to various wall depths, the Midea PWHP utilizes a hinged outdoor section that rotates during installation, a breakthrough innovation enabling installation into windows with lower opening heights.

This along with approximately 50 per cent footprint reduction from the industry's first integrated inverter compressor offers the ability to quickly install into windows while maintaining optimal performance.

Midea's PWHP and complete portfolio of air conditioning and heating solutions will be on display at the 2024 AHR Expo January 22-24 in Chicago.