KEMPER has announced a comprehensive relaunch of its ventilation system, CleanAir Tower, providing a higher level of protection.

The extraction technology specialist has optimised the filter tower in terms of extraction capacity, plant safety, service life and design.

Chair of the Board of Directors, Björn Kemper, said metalworking companies use the product to protect employees in welding and cutting processes.

“Thanks to a completely redesigned internal construction, the extraction capacity has increased by 10 per cent compared to the previous model,” he said.

“The newly developed pinball method prevents sparks and coarse particles from penetrating the filter and damaging it. Because they collide with special sheet steel elements on the inside, their energy is automatically extracted.

“Thanks to the innovative air flow, the filter life has been extended by 20 per cent compared to the previous model.”

In the new CleanAirTower, KEMPER has completely redesigned the head of the filter tower. Extraction openings are no longer located circumferentially on the side, but in the cover of the general ventilation system.

A new tornado principle at the head of the filter tower ensures that the contaminated air is drawn in with a very high degree of efficiency.

Changes to the design of the filter tower head has also provided improvements and it can be retrofitted to existing systems.

The CleanAirTower also ensures that employees at surrounding workplaces are effectively protected from welding fumes. It separates more than 99.9 per cent of alveolar dust particles that could enter the bloodstream.

Since the general ventilation system feeds the cleaned and heated air back into the hall, companies can save up to 70 per cent of their heating costs. Instead of a one-off investment, the CleanAirTower is also available as a leasing model with monthly instalments.

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