• Ampace also developed the Kunlun Battery Cell 2.0
    Ampace also developed the Kunlun Battery Cell 2.0

Lithium battery supplier, Ampace, is set to unveil a number of new products including its Zero Air Conditioner and Zero Liquid Cooling products.

Demand for energy storage systems in businesses is growing, offering long-term benefits such as reduced carbon footprint and cost savings.

However, the industry still faces a fundamental problem with energy storage systems as they are highly vulnerable to heat. Therefore, temperature management technology is vital to the system's durability, efficiency, and, most importantly, safety.

According to Shenzhen Gaogong Industry Research (GGII), Ampace, was the leading brand in China's residential energy storage exports in 2023.

Now Ampace has achieved a massive breakthrough by pioneering the industry-first Full Temp. Range Control Technology, a feat that was previously considered unattainable.

Ampace's Full Temp. Range Control Technology has abandoned traditional liquid cooling and air-conditioning methods with a minimal design which sets a new standard for commercial and industry energy storage products, enhancing reliability and economic efficiency.

It's a significant leap towards a more sustainable and cost-effective future of energy storage, the company said.

Ampace also developed the Kunlun Battery Cell 2.0, supported by the new GT40 technology. It also has new material application and new structure design for efficiency, reliability, and a longer life cycle than other battery cells.

This technology has been applied to Ampace's commercial and industrial products, ensuring the stability of the temperature, reducing carbon emissions, and allowing customers to reduce their costs through cutting-edge technology.

All of these products will be unveiled in Europe later this month.