• Daikin has made the unit available in Australia
    Daikin has made the unit available in Australia

Daikin has released its new slimline outdoor air processing unit which offers greater application flexibility and a significant reduction in total system costs.

The new unit can be connected to both Daikin Heat Pump and Heat Recovery VRV outdoor units, thus offering a full Daikin HVAC building solution comprising comfortable cooling and heating, required ventilation and centralised controls.

The units’ ability to pre-condition outdoor air to a target room air temperature, reduces the air conditioning load and improves air temperature and humidity control.

Plus the addition of a built-in drain pump with 700mm lift & silver ion anti-bacterial agent box prevents the growth of mould and bacteria in the drain pan.

Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) can be further optimised with the unit’s compatibility with MERV 8 & 14 filters (filter chamber required).

The ability to connect fan coil units for air conditioning and outdoor air-processing units to the same refrigerant line, offers enhanced design flexibility, space saving and a significant reduction in total system costs.

If the outdoor air processing unit is connected to VRT compatible Variable Refrigeration Volume (VRV) systems, the system will benefit from Daikin’s Variable Refrigerant Temperature (VRT) technology which manages refrigerant temperature according to heat loads to ensure building comfort whilst maximising energy savings.

Energy needs are further decreased by the DC fan motor reducing power input by up to 79 per cent (compared to Daikin FXMQ-MFV1 model). *VRV H, VRV R, VRV S HSE, VRV IV Q or VRV IV W

The compact size and low-profile height of the unit increases installation flexibility in tight ceiling spaces. Furthermore, the automatic airflow adjustment feature simplifies the commissioning process for the installer thus saving time on site. As does the standard built-in drain pump with 700mm lift increasing overall flexibility.

For more information on the new Slimline Outdoor Air Processing Unit, visit commercial.daikin.com.au or call 1300 368 300.

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