Splash Monitoring has seen strong demand for the SPLASH Applied platform which provides IOT, remote monitoring, control and management solutions for packaged HVAC systems and other applications.

This increased demand has been fuelled in part by the effects of COVID-19 as SPLASH Applied allows technicians to provide technical support without leaving home and when a site visit is required the amount of time spent on site is significantly reduced.

A key feature of SPLASH Applied is the integrated maintenance and work sheets. Technicians complete the semi automated HVAC product and application specific worksheets within the online SPLASH interface.

These worksheets are then stored as a PDF in the SPLASH Applied service log providing a comprehensive service history which can be viewed or downloaded at a later date, emailed or exported into other software programs.

In addition to supporting compliance needs, it means contractors have a service history which includes a parts list and commissioning history.  

Increasingly customers are choosing to install mobile 4G solutions.

These mobile 4G solutions are now extremely cost effective and eliminate the need to connect to the customer’s IT infrastructure which simplifies the installation and reduces risk.

SPLASH can also offer the platform as a white label solution allowing others to cost effectively and quickly launch their own branded IOT solution to their customers.


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