• Unico represenative for Australasia, Leigh Risbey
    Unico represenative for Australasia, Leigh Risbey

Maker of small duct central heating and air conditioning systems, Unico Incorporated, has appointed business consultant, Leigh Risbey, as its representative to Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia and Singapore.

Unico’s chief marketing officer, Scott Intagliata, said the company is proud to have Risbey as their face in Australasia.

“His experience, professionalism, and affability are true assets to the Unico System brand,” he said.

Risbey has worked with a number of well established HVACR brands. He worked for Bosch in the United Kingdom and as national service manager for Rheem Australia.

“His years of experience with leaders in the construction, hospitality, finance, test and compliance, disability services, government, contracting, and rural industries has equipped him with proven and supportive techniques to apply structured action plans driving profitability and customer satisfaction,” Unico said in a formal announcement.

Commenting on his appointment, Risbey said the Unico system will be a game changer in Australia.

“Once contractors come on board with the product’s ability to fit into the smallest of spaces, remove more moisture for extremely efficient cooling, and provide end users with even, draught-free temperatures, they’ll have a valuable and profitable tool in their kit bags,” Risbey said.

Established in 1985, Unico is the leading manufacturer of high static pressure, small-duct central HVAC technology for indoor climate control.  Well-known throughout North America for its ability to provide superior, energy efficient indoor comfort where other systems can’t, The Unico System also enjoys widespread use in the UK, continental Europe, Middle East, and Asia.

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