It has been five years since I was officially appointed editor of CCN and first discovered the acronym HVACR.

While my background as a journalist allowed me to step into my new role with a degree of confidence, don't assume for a second that I knew the meaning of HVACR.

It marked my introduction to the climate control industry and the beginning of my formal schooling in refrigeration and air conditioning.

I have since realised that I am actually one of the chosen few. I mean there aren't too many people outside of the industry that know about HVACR.

Ask the average person on the street what these letters represent and you will get everything but the correct answer.

If you ask a person under the age of 30 they will assume the acronym has something to do with social media or they will want to know if it is a new app.

But while the whole world may not know all that they should about what you do, there is a degree of pride in your profession that permeates the entire industry.

It is such an attractive quality that it gave me the impetus to want to learn more and to find out what everyone was so passionate about.

It was clear to me (early on) that I had become part of an industry where people really care. And while this too is an admirable quality, it does get a tad challenging (for me, not you). Let me explain.

My job is to keep readers informed. Simple right? A reporter's job is to report, not favour any one school of thought over another.

It is about being non-judgemental and steering clear of opinions (except on this page and within the confines of this column).

Yet despite my galliant efforts to walk the fine line of editorial independence, it can be tough at times. I am surrounded by the animated fervour of those who are committed to protecting their industry.

This excitement can be infectious. In other words I have to maintain a straight face (without botox) under the most difficult circumstances. Its not easy.

Our mission statement here at Yaffa Media is to 'educate, inform and inspire' our readers. We don't want to just inform, we want to bring the magazine to life which is exactly what we do with CCN Live. There is no better vehicle to inform CCN readers than via this annual event.

Readers can see and hear the news within these pages firsthand and also network with peers.

This year's CCN Live will be held on Thursday, August 24 at the Masonic Conference Centre in Sydney. Early bird tickets to the half day event are available until July 16. Don't miss out, go to

Let's celebrate five letters (h-v-a-c-r) and my five year anniversary at the fifth CCN Live event – it's a triple treat!

Find out more about Yaffa in this video:

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