• Jingyi Zhou
    Jingyi Zhou

Jingyi Zhou is project manager for New Product Development (NPD) at ActronAir.

She is responsible for overseeing the entire product development process, from concept to launch. Jingyi joined ActronAir in 2022 and now leads a dedicated project management team. Her peers claim she has a great eye for detail and her unwavering positivity helps her achieve the best results.

Jingyi says there are so many opportunities to make a difference in her role as she gets to address climate change, indoor air quality, health and safety.

“ActronAir plays a critical role in maintaining indoor air quality, environmental sustainability and providing comfort in Australia,” she says. “In this field we have to continuously adapt to technological advancements and environmental considerations, and it has an impact on the daily lives of so many people.”

Jingyi says HVACR has traditionally been a male dominated field but diversity drives innovation and progress.

“I want to encourage and empower young women to pursue careers in HVACR, and I want to show them that they can excel in this industry just as I have.”