• Aylin Ergin
    Aylin Ergin

Meet Aylin Ergin, compliance services coordinator at the Australian Refrigeration Council (ARC).

Aylin joined the council a year ago and has made an impact at the licensing body through data analytics. 

“I have only been here a short while but it’s refreshing to feel as though I am putting my skills towards the greater good of the industry and the environment,” she says. “I am immensely passionate about data – how it is stored, what it reveals, how it can be used to inform decision making.”

Aylin is implementing accurate and precise reporting principles to the ARC national licensing scheme to ensure compliance by license holders. “I get to make a difference every time we receive a complaint or discover new insights or trends from our data. For me it’s the dual responsibility of industry improvement and environmental protection,” she says.

Aylin says she is proud to be working with people that care about integrity. “I get to speak with people and get their honest feedback on how the industry sees itself, how it sees regulators and how consumers at large see the industry.”