• Lynette Williams.
    Lynette Williams.

Lynette Williams is an associate mechanical engineer at the Bridgeford Group.  

Lynette excels in designing sustainability-focused mechanical upgrades. When it comes to energy efficiency Lynette is an expert particularly when it is time to identify savings.

She is dedicated to creating environmentally friendly solutions and allows her to make a difference. Her peers describe her as highly motivated and an exceptional team player.

“Lynette can juggle several projects at a time from the initial design phase to managing contractors and following it all through to the very end,” they said. “She possesses a wealth of knowledge and expertise that allows her to handle complex building services projects with ease.”

Not surprisingly, Lynette says she loves a challenge and to be able to troubleshoot different ideas. “I have a talented team and together we can make a meaningful impact for our clients and their sustainability efforts,” she says. “We get to help our clients reach net zero emissions. But what I value the most is working in such a dynamic and collaborative environment at Bridgeford.”