• Mr Yuji Ito
    Mr Yuji Ito

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Air-Conditioners Australia, Pty. Ltd. (MHIAA) managing director, Mr Yuji Ito, congratulates all of the women that make up 20 of the best featured in the 2023 Women in HVACR showcase.

Each of the nominees have shown dedication and excellence across their field and we congratulate them on their success in the industry today and in the years to come.

We are extremely honoured to be part of this great initiative which recognises outstanding women across the HVACR industry including apprentices, engineering managers and senior executives. Through this program we are able to highlight the important work that these individuals are doing in the HVACR industry and acknowledge the contribution they are making to shape the future of our industry.

Here at MHIAA we continue to look for ways to ensure that we are recognising and supporting women in our industry by focusing on and supporting equal opportunity in the workplace. The 20 women profiled this year are a distinguished example of the benefits of this support in our workplace and serve as phenomenal role models for future generations of women looking for a career within the HVAC industry.

As our industry continues to develop and with the ever-changing regulations that we adhere to, we are seeing more opportunities for women to make their mark and showcase their skills and talents to a wider audience. The 20 women profiled this season have all utilised their specialised knowledge and skills to become experts in their chosen field and we congratulate each of them on their outstanding success so far.

The 2023 Women in HVACR showcase has been an important and significant milestone for our industry as it is the first time we, collectively as an industry, have come together to highlight and showcase the outstanding achievements of women in the HVACR industry. We are confident all the nominees will continue to be instrumental in helping each one of us within the industry navigate through the changes ahead as our market continues to grow.

Onn behalf of MHIAA I would once again like to take this opportunity to congratulate each and every nominee in the 2023 Women in HVAC Showcase and to thank Climate Control News for partnering with us for this outstanding program.

Through these programs we can not only recognise the important work being done by individuals within our industry but also highlight the important leaps and bounds we are collectively making within the HVACR industry.

Each of the women profiled here have undoubtedly made an exceptional contribution to the HVACR market and we look forward to seeing where this progression takes all of us in the years to come. Congratulations to the 2023 Women In HVACR.