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Lloyd-Hurwitz first joined the GBCA Board as a director in 2013.

Most major efficiency gains came from the additional insulation, glazing upgrades and energy efficient appliances, such as induction cook tops and air source heat pumps, with only a small 3‐4 KW photovoltaic (PV) system required.

The guide series is housed on the CRCLCL’s research legacy portal which also includes all reports, conference papers, journal articles and fact sheets produced over its seven year lifespan.

Steven Worthington, who will continue to serve the combined organization as president of Globe Fire Protection said Victaulic brings additional financial resources to Globe, enabling a greater focus on innovation to support customers.

KNX Association president, Franz Kammerl, said since the introduction of KNX almost 30 years ago, training has been an integral part of the standard's continued success.

Trafalgar's full range of dangerous goods cabinets have also been certified.

Beyond the environmental benefits, Reconophalt also lasts longer, with a 65% improvement in fatigue life compared with standard asphalt.

AIRAH president Ian Harwood, said it is important to regularly add new voices, talents and perspectives to the board.

The software will streamline communication and automate routine tasks to efficiently manage daily Certification and Monitoring activities providing certainty in delivery.

Releasing its Thriving Cities policy platform, ASBEC professor, Ken Maher, said Australia is one of the most urbanised countries in the world, and this is set to continue to keep pace with population and economic growth.

The UTC building was specifically designed to indoor air quality specifications that can double occupants' cognitive function test scores compared to a conventional building environment.

The three day event was attended by 30 senior business leaders representing 15 independent building automation companies covering 10 regions in Australasia.

A $32,000 grant will allow three high-profile commercial buildings on George Street – The Strand Arcade, the Queen Victoria Building and The Galleries – to undergo energy audits in a bid to minimise energy consumption. .

It will cost another $60 million to expand the program from 1600 apprentices to 3200.

Engineering is one of the few professions in Australia without a mandatory licensing scheme.