Building Services

Commonwealth Bank’s office fitouts and bank branches use low chemical paints, Forestry Standard certified timber and water-efficient fixtures and fittings.

The idea is that for every physical item in the world, there could be a virtual replica with which it connects, housed in the cloud, collecting vital data on the physical item’s performance in real time.

There is no fundamental reason whatsoever why there shouldn’t be more women in engineering in Australia; 35% of engineers in Europe are women.

The agenda includes the creation of Smart Building Fund and tax incentives to drive commercial building upgrades.

The RAC Plus panels are fully non-combustible and remain structurally strong after exposure to extreme heat.

City of Melbourne Environment portfolio chair Councillor Cathy Oke said the tool will lead to the construction of more sustainable buildings and communities.

Roberts has replaced Jane Moran who has returned to Sydney to take up the role of Client Leader, Transport at Aurecon.

Shackleton has joined AMCA after five years with Services Trades College Australia, where he was general manager and company secretary.

The Rotex system not only has a small footprint, it allows a multitude of heat sources to deliver energy to the storage water which acts as a thermal battery (minimal heat losses of 1.4kW of heat energy over 24 hours).

The new digital and analog time switches allow users to control lighting, heating, ventilation and watering with daily, weekly or yearly schedules, so that energy can be switched on and off according to opening times, sunsets, public holidays or vacation dates.

Metricon Homes design director, Adrian Popple, said the company has been offering customers Zero Net Carbon inclusions in their homes for the past six months and there is a strong appetite for energy efficient housing.

Molnar said J3Seven can decontaminate a 100 cubic metre room within 21 minutes, and people can re-enter the area COVID-free.

Manufacturing wages in China are now more than three times higher than those in Vietnam.

HVAC systems in conjunction with IoT devices can help to avoid excessive energy use and alert managers to potential breakdowns.

Construction processes alone are responsible for nearly 12% of global, energy-related CO2 emissions and heating and cooling buildings is one of the biggest single causes of global warming.

Consider maintaining the indoor relative humidity above 30% (where possible).