Building Services

Metricon Homes design director, Adrian Popple, said the company has been offering customers Zero Net Carbon inclusions in their homes for the past six months and there is a strong appetite for energy efficient housing.

Molnar said J3Seven can decontaminate a 100 cubic metre room within 21 minutes, and people can re-enter the area COVID-free.

Manufacturing wages in China are now more than three times higher than those in Vietnam.

HVAC systems in conjunction with IoT devices can help to avoid excessive energy use and alert managers to potential breakdowns.

Construction processes alone are responsible for nearly 12% of global, energy-related CO2 emissions and heating and cooling buildings is one of the biggest single causes of global warming.

Consider maintaining the indoor relative humidity above 30% (where possible).

Faults are automatically detected and reported directly to a mobile device providing anytime, anyplace, anywhere notification.

IWBI CEO, Rick Fedrizzi, said the organisation’s work centres on providing evidence-backed solutions that advance better health and well-being in the places and spaces where we spend our lives.

Both organisations warned that the catastrophic threat of a shutdown means the whole industry has a civic duty to impress upon authorities it can operate while ensuring compliance with social distancing and hygiene requirements.

The regulatory environment for fire protection systems is currently under the spotlight with a range of standards to be introduced this year.

The $28m grant will leverage a combined $103 million from industry, government and research partners – bringing the combined research budget to $131 million over seven years.

The studies the SBRC reviewed were published between 2011 and 2019, covering 14 countries and 10 energy performance rating schemes.

During the development of KNX, security has always been a top priority, according to International KNX Association president, Frank Kammerl.

During his tenure, net earnings in these regions increased 118 per cent, with regional net earnings increasing nine-fold.

There are also transitional arrangements under the Fire Protection Accreditation Scheme for air conditioning and mechanical services contractors.

The Penrith Green Grid Strategy will be completed mid-2021.