Building Services

The two leading representative bodies of the global cement industry have signed a milestone agreement to help accelerate decarbonisation of the sector across the world.

Researchers in Zurich have created the Zero Carbon Building Systems Lab which can simulate different climatic conditions to test new building systems, components and materials.

Liquid cooling lab

ResetData has installed the first liquid-cooled data server in an Australian commercial building.

The fee-free TAFE program has returned to Charles Darwin University with more than 60 courses on offer to ensure the Northern Territory has the skilled workforce it needs.

Smart building materials company ClearVue Technologies Limited has received its first commercial order in Australia from construction company Kapitol Group.

A collaborative project leveraging quantum computing has taken an important step in the realm of sustainable building design.

Australian smart building materials company, ClearVue Technologies, has developed advanced solar glass technology that generates renewable energy from windows and facades.

Stockland has established a new partnership with Energy Bay to manage the provision of energy across its property portfolio.

A new CSIRO report shows existing technologies will enable Australia to halve emissions by 2030 from 2020 levels.

Theben has launched its Smart Home & KNX training cases providing in-depth technical education in building automation.

Grants up to $250,000 are available to organisations and innovators in need of support to commercialise products that contain used tyres.

Screenwood has released SOUNDLINA, the world’s first perforated wallpaper with high acoustic performance for noise reduction and reverberation control.

A new fire-retardant paint, formulated by engineers at UNSW Sydney, has become the first to pass a stringent Australian standard test that simulates a bushfire attack.

Engineers Australia has announced the appointment of Dr Raj Aseervatham as national president and board chair.

AIRAH has opened a survey to assess how HVACR building services engineers around the country are being impacted by the introduction of professional registration schemes.

In a bid to improve the energy efficiency of Aussie homes the federal government has launched the RACE for 2030 Energy Upgrades for Australian Homes (EUAH) project.