Case Studies

From commissioning right through to today the energy consumption figures tell an impressive story.

Park Cakes supply chain manager, George Walsh, said the new building is delivering the same storage capacity from a much smaller footprint.

More than 400 variable speed drives had to be installed and integrated with the backbone of the network.

There were up to 20 sub-contractor companies working simultaneously on site which the Johnson Controls team had to work around.

Intelligent ventilation platforms keep lab personnel safe by ensuring that air quality adheres to strict safety standards.

There are only 14 Gold rating WELL certifications worldwide.

The solution uses interconnected, closed-loop cooling towers to provide unparalleled, fault-tolerant resilience.

A large fluid cooler serving the building's secondary condenser water loop was also refurbished as part of the chiller replacement program.

The KX system is an extremely versatile operating unit with superior performance and technology that makes it ideal for expansive spaces.

The cost advantage of just replacing the refrigerant and not the chiller was enormous.

While the original schematics of the buildings will not change, services inside like heating and cooling, are being retrofitted to utilise modern designs that promote sustainability.

The biggest challenge was the dimensions of the evaporator - it had to be less than two metres long.

Haier's low static indoor units measure 185mm high and 420mm deep, so it was able to fit above the wardrobe.

The facility has grown from 50 staff in 2014 to more than 1,000 arriving by the 2018 Opening Ceremony.

After installing the Danfoss electronic TX valves each system recorded an average power consumption of 30kW, resulting in an average saving of 15kW per system.

The system allows for the simultaneous generation of electricity and useful heat and cooling in a single process.