Compressor manufacturer, Unicla, has released a new guide in a bid to provide technical excellence and first class product support.

The Oil and Compressor Lubrication booklet is a comprehensive guide designed to help technicians, engineers and small system designers to solve all the ‘out of oil’ and ‘wrong oil’ scenarios that cause most of their headaches.

Unicla director of global marketing and technical support, Mark Mitchell, said the booklet is the result of three years of research and testing.

"This document contains very high-level technical expertise from the Unicla team but is also written in such a way to support technicians and smaller system designers who generally do not have access to this type of information,” he said.

"It is part of Unicla's expanding role in the marketplace as a provider of technical excellence and first class product support to engineers and technicians at all levels."

Unicla has also expanded the Suction Line Bulletin that was published in December last year to create another comprehensive booklet titled the Importance of Suction Lines – analysis an connection to compressors.

This document now has added content to complement the Oil and Compressor Lubrication booklet and includes a useful new diagnosis/analysis flow chart.

It can also be downloaded from the Unicla International web site.

Unicla International Limited is based in Hong Kong and Australia, is privately owned by the IAEL and SuperCool Group of Companies.

The company celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2014. Visit


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