Sydney-based contractor RCS Air recently trialled a new coil coating solution in a bid to reclaim the lost cooling performance of air-cooled HVAC units.

The contractor applied the coating to over 100 coils with impressive results.

RCS Air reported an 80 per cent reduction in heat related breakdowns in summer and energy savings of 14 per cent and a 20 per cent drop in energy cost. RCS air also reported call outs in winter caused by coil ice ups had dropped to zero.

The training provided by Thermal XR made the application process simple, with 100 per cent positive feedback from clients and the RCS service team, the contractor said.

The local distributor and technologies director of Promek, Tony Power, said Thermal XR can extend the life of units by five to 10 years.

He said the coating can reclaim the lost cooling performance of air-cooled HVAC units by up to 28 per cent.

“The simple procedure of applying a thin layer of thermally conductive Graphene coating to the heat exchanger tube and fins rebuilds the efficiencies lost due to environmental corrosion,” Power said.

“Every degraded HVAC&R air cooled condenser in Australia will improve. The product is aimed at units from five to 40 years old and has shown extraordinary results.”

The technology has been developed by Aussie firm, Ozkem, using high tech carbon from the Graphene Manufacturing Group in Brisbane.

Thermal-XR has been also been applied to IGA Brisbane, Downer Group, as well as hotels, banks and health care sites reporting energy savings in the 16 to 28% range.

Power said distributors are now in place across Asia including Hong Kong, Singapore and Vietnam. Middle East trials are also under way with strong interest from the petrochemical industry.  

The Thermal-XR coating is rated ASTM B117 10,0000 salt spray hours.

“That rating is equivalent to 12 years in extreme marine environments,” Power said.

“It will extend client capex by five to 10 years with payback in less than two years.

“These are exciting days and we are thrilled to see an Australian HVAC innovation being rolled out across the planet; that hasn’t happened since James Harrison invented the mechanical refrigeration process.”

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