This device can reduce house electrical fires caused by arc faults.

The Victorian government will help low income households replace old heaters as part of its household energy efficiency program.

The government is fast-tracking this huge battery by granting a planning exemption to AGL.

The battery storage facility will be located next to Moorabool Terminal Station in Geelong, Victoria.

The new V250AS evaporator is the leading technology in its class, with an operating range between 80kW and 250kW.

The CW6S can achieve up to 80 per cent energy savings when in cooling mode and as much as 50 per cent as a dual system.

The latest solution from Engie Refrigeration pushes heat recovery to the max.

The units will be self-contained and stackable, with each unit delivering 850-1000 KWh of thermal storage capacity.

Extreme heat requires extreme power and, because of this, furnaces play a vital role in fuelling aluminium production.

La Trobe Vice-Chancellor Professor John Dewar AO said the University is proving it is serious about sustainability.

Tests were carried out on prototypes including a commercial refrigerating cabinet, and indoor packaged air-to-water heat pump.

The researchers used an open flame, which burns at 2000 degrees, to create nanoparticles of zinc oxide that can then be used to convert CO2, using electricity, into syngas.

With press fittings, the sealing material and components are combined, and the heat source replaced by a hydraulic pressing tool.

The researchers pointed out that the specific additive they used -- HFE7000 -- is non-corrosive, non-flammable and ozone friendly.

Thin, pressure-resistant, plates with a corrugation depth of only 2.4 mm and a highly turbulent media flow ensure efficient heat transfer.

Many office buildings and commercial premises are unoccupied or have few workers, so maintenance issues that might normally be detected are more likely to be missed.