WePower uses blockchain technology to trace energy from its source all the way through the purchase process right to the end buyer.

In Europe, the refrigerant will be offered in some scroll chillers in the first half of 2020, with other regions to follow later in the year.

In his role with the EEC, Menzel provides strategic leadership for the organisation, guiding initiatives to build the Australian market for energy efficiency, demand response and demand management.

Another innovative feature of the Mr Slim unit is the optional Wi-Fi interface enabling full control and monitoring via the Mitsubishi Electric App, as well as Smart Air Conditioning capabilities when installed with an Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant device.

The PLP-LED also employs low-voltage negative and positive polarization to charge, attract, impinge and agglomerate particulates into the fiberglass media. It will be available this quarter.

For hospital facilities, speed of response is critical, and Aggreko’s extensive footprint in Australia means that these systems can be rapidly deployed.

VASA is in the process of contacting everyone that has purchased tickets and accommodation to discuss available options including refunds.

Automation can help solve this issue because picking and packing robots can operate continuously to perform repetitive tasks and reduce the need for human workers in severely low temperatures.

Fiberglass is resistant to thermal expansion, corrosion and rot. This means less maintenance over the lifespan of the window or door frame.

The new Smart Valves are more energy efficient than typical Valves. They feature a patented, brushless DC motor that runs at only 0.3 W, maximizing energy savings.

The system acts as an IoT hub to turn on projectors and TVs, dim lighting and adjust air flow at the building and room level, among other functions.

This expansion in capacity builds on the YZ chiller that is optimized around R-1233zd(E) and utilizes an inherent series counterflow design with patented heat exchangers.

All food retail and food service product lines have undergone major integration in terms of range to serve an industry that is calling loudly for solutions that reduce operating costs while still providing improved performance, simplicity and faster time to market.

As part of the study knowledge workers including managers, architects and designers were monitored in a highly controlled environment.

This year’s nominees were selected from over 9,000 apprentices across carpentry, plumbing, electrotechnology, RAC, manufacturing and engineering, light automotive, construction and furnishing trade areas.

The Graphene platelets are manufactured locally using smart world leading technology patented and fully Australian-owned.