Despite a lack of recognition, air conditioning and refrigeration play such an integral part in today’s modern world, according to Refrigerant Reclaim Australia CEO, Kylie Farrelley.

Once again RRA has sponsored the HVACR Leader of the Year Award which recognises high achievers who have contributed to the development of this industry.

“These awards are a fantastic opportunity to showcase the hard work of inspiring leaders, acknowledging their dedication and commitment to the industry,” Farrelley said.

“As a world leader in recovering, reclaiming, and destroying surplus and unwanted refrigerants, RRA recognises the importance of strong leadership in shaping the industry’s future.

“The winner of this category should demonstrate vision, dedication and have contributed extensively to the development and improvement of the HVACR industry.”

Farrelley said leadership today requires flexibility, and the skills to adapt to technology and an environment that is changing at an unprecedented rate.

“Not only do they need to adapt, they must seize opportunities as they arise,” she added.

To nominate for HVACR Leader of the Year go to





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