The HVACR Leadership Awards are back to brighten up 2021 and shine a light on the best our industry has to offer.

Nominations officially open today across all seven categories of the awards program.

This is your opportunity to nominate yourself or a colleague and be part of a special and memorable event.

CCN’s HVACR Leadership Awards are about people, not projects. We want to hear about your successes and your hard work.

Tell us how you have contributed to this great industry. Are you an innovator, outstanding contractor or been involved in a project that led to impressive energy savings?

Could you be our next Woman of the Year in HVACR? Together we need to champion our industry and showcase our skills to the rest of the world. Raise the climate control flag.

To be a leader in today’s HVACR industry requires adaptability, according to Refrigerant Reclaim Australia general manager, Kylie Farrelley.

She said air conditioning and refrigeration is such an integral part of modern-day life yet it largely goes unrecognised.

“These awards are a fantastic opportunity to showcase the hard work of inspiring leaders, acknowledging their dedication and commitment to the industry,” Farrelley said.

Once again Refrigerant Reclaim Australia (RRA) has sponsored the HVACR Leader of the Year Award.

“The air conditioning and refrigeration industry is ever evolving with cooling technology playing an increasingly important role in the global economy, from human comfort, food storage and transport to vaccine and health management,” Farrelley said.

“It is anticipated that the effect of global warming will further increase societies demand on cooling technologies in the future. 

“It is therefore crucial that leaders of today are adaptable to such advances and seize opportunities that arise with the changing environment.”

To do this, Farrelley said the Leader of the Year should demonstrate adaptability, unwavering dedication and have contributed to the development and improvement of the HVACR industry.

“This isn’t always easy to do because these are challenging times which is why it is more important than ever to recognise good leadership,” she said.

There are no shortage of categories and while most of the awards already have sponsorship, opportunities are still available by contacting

Nominate at


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