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CCN has officially launched a new and revised awards program, the 2022 Awards of Excellence.

The revised awards program features new categories including a team award to recognise the HVACR Team of the Year.

This award is a great way to recognise teams that have achieved success through a business project or developed a product or implemented a program. They could have achieved outstanding sales or marketing success.

The opportunities are endless as it allows nominees to demonstrate how their team was able to overcome challenges to deliver such impressive results.

CCN is extremely proud of its awards program and after eight years as the HVACR Leadership Awards it was time for a refresh, a modern makeover to ensure all of the categories are in tune with a changing HVACR industry.

It is important for the program to reflect current industry standards and to be a showcase of excellence.

Of course the Awards of Excellence will continue to recognise people, not projects.

Other new categories include the Diversity Champion of the Year Award. This award recognises those who empower others and drive cultural change within their organisation around equity, diversity and inclusion.

It is an important award for the HVACR industry which desperately needs a more diversified workforce.

Another new category is Sustainability Champion of the Year. This award recognises excellence in sustainability, acknowledging HVACR professionals that have delivered outstanding achievement in this area, whether it’s through a specific project, a sustainability plan, or the development of a product that showcases sustainability.

The winner of this award has embedded sustainability practices in their business planning and operations, or they have undertaken a project that reduces environmental impact and drives sustainable change for a better future.

Despite the refresh CCN has kept many of our old favourites including the Contractor of the Year Award and the Woman of the Year in HVACR Award.

The Contractor of the Year Award celebrates the best contractors in the HVACR industry. Contractors big and small, including family-owned businesses, are eligible for this award. The focus is on a high level of dedication and care with good customer relationships.

Every year the Woman of the Year in HVACR Award receives a lot of entries proving that women who do work in HVACR love what they do.

Former winners have had solid careers in HVACR whether it’s in engineering, sales, management or as a business owner.

Regardless of your job title, this award recognises women who are forging their own path as leaders on their own terms, while supporting other women in HVACR and serving as mentors and role models.

Three awards that have been an integral part of the program and will continue to be fundamental to the 2022 Awards of Excellence is Rising Star of the Year, Tradie of the Year and HVACR Leader of the Year.

The HVACR Leader of the Year Award has been essential to the overall awards program and once again this award will be sponsored by Refrigerant Reclaim Australia (RRA).

According to RRA general manager, Kylie Farrelley, this award is important because it has recognised so many industry stalwarts over the years.

“These are leaders who have contributed to the development of our industry. Their leadership and vision have made them a champion of this industry, contributing to its progress and success,” Farrelley said.

“Winners of this award can be a business leader or a policymaker, someone that has contributed to the development of industry standards or regulations. They may have led an innovative project or created a program to improve the working life for everyone in the HVACR industry.

“This award could go to an older person with a well-established HVACR career or a young highflyer who has already made their mark on the HVACR industry and is destined for an even greater future.”

Entries are open and close 31 August, 2022.

To enter go to:www.climatecontrolnews.com.au/awards

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