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A popular product this year was the Kirby 'multi-scrolled' Centurion condensing unit and the Aqualean range.

Find out why well known companies like Telstra and Woolworths use Innotech.

In this video, Robertshaw shares the details about four major products.

Check out all the action from the showroom floor.

Special thanks to everyone that participated in the event we hope to see you again next year.

A comprehensive report on the half day event will be published in a special edition e-newsletter next month.

Ask a person under the age of 30 about the meaning of HVACR and they will assume the acronym has something to do with social media or they will want to know if it is a new App.

CCN talks to Haier general manager of commercial sales and air conditioning, Tim Kirkup, about the company's ambitious product plans which cover every market segment from Hi Walls and ducted to cassettes and chillers.

CCN showcases the the latest technologies and product announcements from the trade show floor.

In addition to highlights from the trade show floor, CCN showcases the best stands and exhibits from the industry's top suppliers including Bitzer Australia.

CCN Videos makes its debut at ARBS from May 17-19, 2016.

CCN Videos makes it debut at ARBS 2016.

ActronAir is planning a number of exciting product announcements at ARBS 2016.

Robert Mundy talks about the upcoming ARBS Exhibition and gives a sneak preview of ActronAir's product plans for the event.

Highlights from CCN Live 2015 and the HVACR Leadership Awards