Study co-author Dr Ruwan Fernando said one way to reduce the demand placed on air-conditioning systems is to have the building store some of the heat and release it at night once it’s cooler.

The new 2019 guidelines built on 2006 methodologies by updating gaps and out-of-date science.

The authors calculate that a capture system installed in the Frankfurt Fair Tower in Germany could remove over a tonne of carbon dioxide from the air per hour.

All that is left to do on-site is the final connections to the hydraulic, electrical and controls infrastructure.

The company said the Ukraine and Eastern Europe are important regions for Carel.

The mini-holes are designed in different directions and sizes to instantly soften and disperse the cool airflow.

Up to five systems can be conveniently monitored and controlled via the app anywhere, anytime.

The appointment aims to strengthen the administrative structure of the group during a period of high growth for CAREL.

Technologically sophisticated machines like compressors need perfectly tuned components to continuously guarantee high performance.

France is the only country in the European Union to introduce a HFC tax

Diversity is linked to increased innovation, productivity, performance and growth.

Under the new system New Zealand's total net import quantity of new bulk HFC gases will be split into a range of permits.

AHT Cooling Systems provides highly-efficient refrigeration and freezing systems for supermarkets and convenience stores and is committed to natural refrigerants.

More air-handling units may be required to offset the higher water-coolant temperatures in the data centre.

Up to 2.4m width doorways can be accommodated with pairs, and heights up to 3m.

Enhancing the capability of the range is the new ‘K’ Type Compressor which features a back-pressure control mechanism that improves low load operation by up to 15% compared to VRV IV.