ARBS 2020

The app also supports up to 10 indoor units connected to the same network (each unit will require an adapter).

All it takes is a Bluetooth connection between your phone and the tool and you have the freedom to start wirelessly logging and saving data.

IP activities are being accelerated globally with patents being filed proactively in the U.S., Europe, China and Southeast Asia.

Algorithms in the VLT HVAC Drive ensure that, even when there are spikes and dips in voltage, the drive will continue to operate as expected.

Hinton Refrigeration demonstrated how to save time and money with two separate convenience store installs.

COOL-FIT 4.0 is corrosion-free and maintenance-free for the entire service life of your system, which is at least 25 years.

Power said energy savings by just coating a coil on site will be in the order of 8% - 16% plus. "It's not magic, just science," he said.

Condair now offers a range of dehumidifiers in Australia which includes desiccant models, condensing wall and ceiling-mounted systems with temperature and humidity control, and indoor swimming pool units.

SET FREE Mini offers 3 types of outdoor units ranging from 3HP to 12HP with high energy savings, installation flexibility and environment adaptability.

MHIAA will also be introducing visitors at ARBS to their new R32 range of Multi systems and the Splittable Ducted systems due for launch in late 2020.

Coupled with existing and long-standing vulnerabilities in legacy OT systems, the emergence of the unregulated Internet of Things (IoT) technologies will dramatically expand the threat landscape over the next five years.

Australians spent around $9.3 billion installing refrigeration and air conditioning equipment in 2018 compared to $8.2 billion in 2016, according to Cold Hard Facts 2019.

Klima Australia can provide its customers with the largest range of DX and Roof Top packaged systems available globally.

Over the life of the program, NABERS has worked with Australian businesses and workplaces to save approximately 6 million tonnes of CO2 emissions. That's around $870 million in energy bills.

This seminar will outline the new technologies and improvements that have been made on the European stage and shares tips and lessons learnt to enable Australasian designers to improve their systems.

HVAC&R Online isn’t just an Australian-owned business, up to 95% of its products are from Australian suppliers, helping to support local businesses.